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Tools for Investment process facilitation


Multi-layer maps, Indexes, Benchmarks, Value added content

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Due Diligence

Technical and Legal Due Diligence

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Funding opportunities, crowd financing, fiat and crypto currencies

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Contract drafting, negotiations, execution, registration. Escrow accounts.

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Property management, Benchmarks, Performance Reports, Document management

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Tel-Aviv city analytics

Best Indexes

Smart Investment Map offers in-house and third-party analytics and reporting solutions that include:

  • Top investment facilitation indexes
  • Performance benchmarks
  • Investment reports
City Analytics Object Analytics

Benefits for Investors

  • Access to global base of investment objects
  • Broad range of financial instruments
  • Analytical and market intelligence tools
  • Online deal structuring and negotiations
  • Lower transaction costs due to automation
  • Automated investment portfolio

Benefits for Sellers

  • Access to global investor base
  • Broad range of financial instruments
  • Automated vendor due diligence reports
  • Analytical promotion tools
  • Online transactions
  • Lower transaction costs due to automation

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